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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Cub Scout Pack 566: Saratoga/Cupertino/San Jose,CA

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Bringing Excellence in Scouting to youth and families for over 50 years.  

has been rated TOP QUALITY LEVEL of Cub Scouting.

Serving Saratoga, Cupertino, and neighboring San Jose & Los Gatos

Our program draws folks to us. Our secret is getting out.

Schools Include:  Blue Hills, Dilworth, Eaton, Faria, John Muir, Murdock Portal, Eaton, Faria, De Vargus, Lincoln, 

Sacred Heart, Collins, Steven Creek, and more. 

See where are family's live. Plenty of room left on the map and in the Pack. Come Join Us!

Please start by downloading our 2 page flyer explaining our Pack Program

Pack 566 Flyer Fall 2021

Pack 566 Costs Detailed Fall 2021   (Just $116 to end of year including Pack 566 Covid-Era Uniform)

Pack 566 reopened Pack 566 to in-person meetings started Aug 12th, 2021.  Sign up Now! 

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Boys and Girls K-5

Meeting Outdoors, Handwashing, Temperature Checks, Everyone in Masks

Distanced, All parents, leaders, siblings over 12 fully vaccinated

Cub Scouts is an amazing opportunity for Children K-5.  Give your kids this fun adventure and head start in life.  Cub Scouts is only about one hour a week and a monthly event on a weekend (could be 2 hours to overnight).  We provide a safe environment and no bully/tease environment for your kids to make new friends.  Cubs learn about the outdoors, take field trips, develop leadership, explore science, health, crafts, and citizenship.  Scouts respects everyone.  Scouts allow you to keep a second set of friends all the way to college (or beyond).  It is inexpensive both in money and time.  It is not a baby sitting service and a parent must help out to make the program work.

Consider signing our guest book to have us keep in contact and obtain discounts if any

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Older 11-18 year olds welcome in Troop 566. Click here to visit Troop 566 Website.

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Pack 566 upcoming public calendar events

If you have not completely signed up you should check with us first (see join page help).
Just one hour a week and a optional monthly events

 Date  Event  Location
 Scheduled Appointments Sunday, Dec 5th, 2021   Build your pinewood Derby Car Clinic Outdoor Woodshop
 7pm Thursday, 2nd Thursday of Each Month  Pack Meeting K-5  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Tuesdays, except when in week of Pack Meeting  Webelos 2 Den Meetings, 5th grade  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Tuesdays, except when in week of Pack Meeting  Webelos 1 Den Meetings, 4th grade  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Thursdays, 1st and 3rd of Month  Lions Den Meetings, Kindergarten   Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Thursdays, except when in week of Pack Meeting  Tigers Den Meetings, 1st grade  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Thursdays, except when in week of Pack Meeting  Wolves Den Meetings, 2nd grade  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court
 7pm Thursdays, except when in week of Pack Meeting  Bears Den Meetings, 3rd grade  Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga far left end next to tennis court

*  We skip CUSD holiday weeks (Nov 22-26, Dec 20-31, Feb 21-25, Apr 18-22)

Mask Required Youth and Adults

Recent Events
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Scouting For Food - Food Pickup Nov 13, 2021
Pack 566 participates in the National Boy Scouts of America "Scouting for Food" Drive.
This weekend our cubs split up the 1470 houses in the Pack 566 Area
(In the triangle between HW85 and Saratoga Ave Bordered by Prospect AVE).
On the first weekend are Cub Scouts place door hanger notices on houses in our community
Today we revisit all of our houses and collect the food.
4 of our Parents sent on a sweep run and found we only missed 8 bags of food on the primary pass.
By the end of the we had
1127 lbs of food collected.
Scouting For Food - Hangers on Door knobs. Nov 6, 2021

Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  
Pack 566 participates in the National Boy Scouts of America "Scouting for Food" Drive.
This has been going on for over 50 years.
This helps fill the local food banks just in time for the holiday season.
On the first weekend are Cub Scouts place door hanger notices on houses in our community
The local BSA chapter manages a google map with all scouting unites having a unique local area so there is no
double effort or missed houses.
26 of our 29 Cubs helped out today placing hangers on 1470 homes assigned to Pack 566.

Scouting for Food is a service project to aid our community.  This food drive helps to fill the local Food Banks in time for the Holiday Season. Pack 566 has volunteered to distribute door hangers to 1470 houses in our neighborhood. Then week later we go back and look for Food set out for collections for the hungry in our local area.

  Our leaders has prepared detailed maps and address lists by squinting at Google Maps for days.   So our K-5 year Cub Scouts hang a door hanger announcement
on each houses doorknob.
Each family gets
a peaceful walk
though our local
Pack 566 is a family affair.  Even
though this particular task is a family
thing they decided to take the 1yr old.

Wonder how heavy this 1yr old was
after 74 houses?
Two of our Pre-K
siblings tag along with
their older brother.

hmmm... Nice Shirts!
Race you to the last
house on our route.

I wonder where mom
I finished with one. Yes
each had 1 spare tag.

Now I have a souvenir!
One if by land!
Two if by sea!
uh, ...
Three if by bike!
Bike to each house. Sprint to door and
back.  Younger sibling is backup.

We gotta go fast as we are doing our
route and a friends route who could
not make it.  Scouts are Helpful!
Only one left. 

Guess I am done!
Did 74 houses in 2 hrs,
3.4 miles, and 8962
steps.   Later that day
mom confesses my
back hurts and I am
laying on my bed now
but glad I did it!
I was too busy during
the day.  I did mine
at night.

October Den Meeting Side Show, Oct 19, 21, 28, 2021
Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  
Pack 566 adds extra content to the cub scout base program provided by National.
With lots of pack leader experience we can bring a taste of camping skills to even our young cubs.
Showing interesting stuff they can do when they are older hooks them on camping and the outdoors.
Although the conversation is targeted to the cubs the adults are absorbing information as well
Older Scouts and cubs come back to help out the younger Dens. We repeat several times until all Dens share in the fun.
So the meeting comes to order at 7pm (don't be
late).  Were outside in a park This is our 2nd
grade WOLF Den and a couple of Cubs who 
missed their meeting doing the same activity.
So as a group we lite the
charcoal.  One of our 5th
grade cubs did this 2 days
ago with his den.  He came
back to help and finished
lighting the last of it.

 Cubs and Adults learn the
history and usefulness of
charcoal and the brands
and types.
We learn about Pillsbury Pop N Fresh products 
and show the cubs how to "Pop" the canisters
to release the dough.
One popped the container is opened by the cubs and
the dough is separated into individual pieces and then
placed into the bottom of our Dutch Ovens.
Every cubs shares in the
fun of placing dough into
our Ovens.

With 2nd grade the parents are given the task to
move the charcoal pieces.  Direction are move 12
pieces into a checkboard pattern to create a 12
inch circle.  So how did team A vs Team B do?
Dutch ovens theory is shared with Cubs and
adults as we wait for our rolls to bake.
Our Cinnamon rolls
turn out great.  Just
need to cut and add
some icing.

All Cubs and adults
are excited to bite into our
fresh baked tasty snack
created by our Cubs.

Shoreline Bike Ride, Oct 17th, 2021
Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  

Pack 566 has a couple of GO and DOs each month. Here we take a group bike ride along the shores of the bay.
The ride avoids the danger of cars and hills for the most part.
What do you mean the hills were made of decades of household garbage?
We get to see lots of ducks, pelicans, and these large noisy CESSNA birds.
Only damages of the day day was a broken bike helmet and 2 Band-aids when a parent loading accident occurred.
As we wait for all to arrive one of our trained
leaders (all of Pack 566 Leaders have taken
BSA training for their role) cubs learn bike 
rules and guidelines.

Our leaders are so good they can even gets
ducks in a row.

This was are starting photo to make sure we had everybody at
the end.   Funny we actually had more as several families were
late and caught up to us by the end.
Ok its follow the leader.  

Uh where are the rest of them?
Apparently one took the low road. Then more followed.

Well, all roads north lead to Rome and the Palo
Alto Airport...
Plenty of Ducks and birds along the bay.

Time to check if we have

Plenty of Pelicans.   We say some dip their heads
under water and grab a snack as they swim
along the surface.
As we moved north, we began to see more of these 
large noisy birds.
Our Trail sweep and his helper made
sure nobody fell behind.
This event patch created by a
sibling to one of our Cubs.

Pack Meeting Oct 14th, 2021
Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  

Pack 566 has a Pack Meeting once a month, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month where all K-5 families attend.
Our October Meeting is Halloween Themed.
Cubs had the choice of coming in costume. If the did they got an extra raffle ticket and some Treats.
Our Cubs decorated 14 Pumpkins which we later raffled off. The grand Raffle prize was a Skelton Wolf who howled at the moon whenever someone passed by
So much fun for a one hour meeting this one ran over and nobody seemed to notice.
Our pack meeting has all K-5 cubs who are joined by their family.

One by ones the grades come up and receive awards and recognition for
their accomplishments over the last month. 

Being October cubs came in Halloween costume for an extra raffle ticket
and some Treats. 
A view from one side of the audience where 
family members watch the show.

Many family members joined their cubs to get
a custom patch for the last months Kite Flying 
and Mini Golf events.

Cubs come up
and paint 14
pumpkins which
we raffled off.
This cub always wanted a
dog.  Instead he won the
raffle and received a Wolf,
albeit a little on the thin
side.  Don't worry mom 
dad he will stopped howling
when the battery runs out.

Pack Miniature Golf, Oct 4th, 2021

Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  

Pack 566 Mini Golf is just one of many of our optional GO and DO"s..
We did this on a Monday night to save 43% off the normal price.
We had a 90 minute window to start each family (covid).
Everyone worked the start time backwards so our cubs could be home before bedtime as it was a school night..
We beat the crowds that came later that night so had no pressure play.
Family show up and
one by one and we
take temp, wash
hands and get our 
Club and ball.
As golfers often wear
weird attire we ask
cubs for a funny
pose instead.
 Concentration seems like
the proper thing to do.

Proper follow through
should will aid in a
low score count.
Then the trick is not
take your eye off the
ball as it seems to 
go in all kinds of
different directions.
There seems to be a
"catch" in every hole.

This one you must
time your shot so the
swinging pendulum is
out of the way as your
ball approaches the hole.
 Soon the Cubs are
Pro's an take on an 
"easy" hole right in
the middle.
Whoa, this Volcano
hole seems to be a
difficult one after
2 families meet up at
a difficult hole and
wait for the group
playing this hole to
Stroke 21, 22, 23...
Many of the holes are nicely
themed for Halloween.

Good Job Golfland!
Cub Scouts often explore
our local area.

Hey does this count for an
international trip?
Hey whos that creepy guy?

Luckily every parent in our
Pack takes 76 mins of
online learning about youth

 Pack Kite Day, Sep 19th, 2021

Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  

Pack 566 Kite Day is just one of many of our optional weekend "GO and DO"s..
Pack 566 knowledge is decades long and we have the best kites, best kite place, and know how to picky windy days.
The wind is a tricky business but we followed the wind each day at or time at this site for 3 weeks prior.
Every one of our Cubs quickly got their kite assembled and into the air in just a few minutes. A few even brought their own.
So it all starts at check in where are Cubs receive a free kite with
1 of 6 designs.  Easy assembly on the assembly/repair table to
the right.  Note the red first aid kit, box of snacks since over the
lunch time window, and bottled water in the shade under the 
table is available.  And in the back you see temp gun and sink.
These Pack 566 kites
carefully selected are
easy to get aloft.
Simply let out 10 feet
of string.
The our kites sail into the sky. .Now its just a matter of holding on
and tweaking the string for tricks.
Soon and entire row of kites, then
another, and another.

Careful, not to close or you could
risk a tangle.
The cub in the lower right is handing on to his
own kite he brought with him.  A two tailed kite
high in the sky.
Soon the sky is full of Pack 566 Kites.  Far more than can fit in a 
single cell photo.

Kite flying is a wonderful way to 
spend an hour or two with your child
discussing all kinds of things and
making that life long bond.
Thanks for organizing!
We had a lot of fun!

Was lovely, indeed.
Kids had a lot of fun.
Benjy had such a lot of fun flying
a kite for the first time. He was
extremely happy when he learned
he could keep it! Thanks for
My family is the first arriving and the
last leaving. It tells you how much fun
we had! Two hours just flew...

Pack 566 Den Meetings  (Broken into groups by school year)

Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols:  Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced , and being outside.  

Pack 566 has  Den Meetings (grouped by school grade) in the weeks the Pack does not meet as a whole.
We work off a handbook supplied by the National Cub Scout Program part of Boy Scouts of America.
K-3 work out of a different handbook each year, while grades 4-5 work on on handbook for 2 years.
Our Den Meetings start at 7pm while
it is still light out.  Perfect time to
get in some play in the park before
it gets too dark.
 Here the lions learn the skill of the week. 
Rewarded with a sticker of achievement and
recognition at the next Pack Meeting.

You can see other Den's in the background.
Each Den learns age appropriate things to make
them a better adult.  Of course is all disguised as Fun.
Here our Kindergarten Lions add their name and paw
print to an introduction poster.
Our Wolf Den is learning about the 
magic of the Cub Scout Sign (Wolf
Ears).  Once a leader puts up the
Sign, all other are frozen and can't
even fidget, not to mention speechless.
Pack 566 Tigers are eager to learn
new things.  Our Dens use the 
National BSA Cub Scout handbook
as a basis for learning.
Even well into the meeting the
Tigers interest is kept

Our Pack lighting keeps the table 
bright as darkness comes.
Our 4th grade
Webelos 1s learn 
first aid.  Cubs learn
they can save their
own parents.
Pack 566 has their own
power station to power
the lights for Den and Pack

Pack 566 Pack Meeting (2nd Thursday of the Month) Entire group meets.

Pack 566 Covid19 Protocols: Every guest 12 and over fully vaccinated, Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced family groups, and being outside.  

Pack 566 has a Pack Meeting to recognize what are Cubs have been doing in the last month and recognize their progress in achievements.
We try to have all our cubs come up and speak before the group as this is a great way to gain public speaking skills required for 
management and leadership roles as an adult.  Are Cubs are gaining self confidence as they earn their different requirements and 
then get applause at the pack meeting for doing so.
Pack 566 takes Covid very seriously. Every guest 12 and over is fully vaccinated, in masks, and distanced by family clusters and small spaced out groups.
Notice the foot powered sink in the 
lower right corner to wash our hands
with soap.  Kids 9 and under are not
suppose to use hand sanitizer.
As it gets dark we try out our first
attempt of stage lights. Already
working on version 2.   Note the Cub
standing on the stool is talking to the
At first some new cubs are a bit shy. 
Here we have a new cub helped by his
parent.  The cub whispers the answers
to his parent and the parent acts as a
megaphone to the group.
Pack 566 is the only pack giving
out custom patches for their
events. Here 40 folks receive
their patch for the back of their
shirt for going on the hike last

Pack 566 Hike in local forest, Sep 4th, 2021

Covid19  Protocols: Temp check, washing hands, masks, socially distanced family groups, and being outside.  

Pack 566 completed a hike in the forest just miles from our homes. The pack was assisted by leaders from our older scout Boy and Girls Troops Units.
The pack introduced new families to trail etiquette. Our nature expert Nancy, the Scoutmaster of Troop 566 Girl Troop explained the nature we saw.
At the half way point the pack provided trail mix to refuel our young cub scouts. Being a warm day at a clearing in the trail cubs were given water
squirt guns to have a  friendly battle with the rare case of all sides were happy with the outcome.

Wait!  Wait!  I found a bug!
Come check this out! 
Eeeeww!!!  Isn't this great!
What do you mean the trail goes over this tree
stump?  Yep, just follow me....
Such a warm day to take a hike. 
Lucky there is plenty of shade.
Wow, we got loaded squirt guns!
Socially distanced by families.
Not exactly a single file line.
At least it is a wide trail.

You would think a herd of wild cub scouts would
drive off all wildlife along the trail.  However,
the local animals are use to it.
There is at least one who beats to a different
With Social Distancing we are going to need a
longer log and wide angle lens.  Take a break and
refuel with Pack 566 Trail Mix and plenty of water.

A parent from Troop 566 in
the red shirt brings up the
rear.  Also carries first aid,
gorp for all, water guns for
all and the important papers.

Parents get to be a kid again in Pack 566.
Come join us and be young again!

Pack 566 hiking is NOT getting from Point A to B.
Its about exploring and looking at nature.

An easy hike for cubs and
parents.  Don't worry about
being spread out, the front,
middle, and end have walkie
      King of the Stump! Cub Scout 1: ITS ALL ARROUND ME!! 
Cub Scout 2:  What is?  What is?
Cub Scout 1:   ...TREES!

Pre Covid Events best show what is coming.

    Pack 566 Pinewood Derby Trials Jan 24th 2019
    Each year Pack 566 holds a Pinewood Derby. This is a race of cub-built 7-inch wooden race cars.
Here at the trials we help install wheels and make the cars maximum weight of 5.000 ounces.
Then Cubs race them and tweak for maximum performance.
So our Pinewood Derby Chairman works with
all the King's Horses and All of the King's Men to "
remember how all the electronics go together.
A view of our Pinewood
Track. Professionally made
by craftsman.
Cubs wait in line to race their.
cars at the trails. This helps
to tweak for speed.
At end of Trials cars are in the pits and ready for
tomorrow's big race

Pack 566 Pinewood Derby Clinic Dec 2019

Each year Pack 566 holds a Pinewood Derby. This is a race of cub-built 7-inch wooden race cars.
As many families do not have wood tools, expertise, or supplies our Pack sponsors a drop in clinic.

Adults first route out the bottom
of each car and drill better axle
holes with power tools.
Next cubs are shown ideas
for design and they choose.
Then begins the sawing and sanding.
So much sanding...
The cubs chose from a dozen colors of paint.
Cubs are given tips on spray painting.
Cubs then paint their cars.

Pack 566 Visit to Alcatraz Prison Nov 2019

Over 70 of us meet and take the Ferry to
Alcatraz Island and Prison. A wonderful day!
Not much room in a
an Alcatraz cell.
Once on the island we break into small
groups and explore the prison and island.

Pack 566 Raingutter Regatta Nov 2019

Cubs shape, assemble, paint and decorate their boat.
The fleet is in!
Cubs Huff and Puffing propel the boats.
Some choose to use a straw to focus their breaths.
Here are our winners for each grade level.
Tigers, Lions, Bears, Webelos Ones, Webelos Twos

Pack 566 Family Camping Trip at San Luis Reservoir Sep 2019

We borrow gear from.
our older scout unit Troop 566.
We usually cook as a group.
It takes lots of gear.
Our 5th grade scouts attempt.
to set up their tents on their own.
This spring they will be joining our
older Scouts Boy and Girl Troops 566.
Mr. L is often caught being knotty.
Cubs learn several knots to last a lifetime.
Our cubs learn knots in a fun way with
stories, trivia, and knot safety.

Making Peach Cobblers.
We teach parents how to
and then to small groups
of cubs.
The final product.
6 Cobblers made each .
with 3 quarts of peaches.
Add some whip cream.
We teach our cubs cooking skills. Skill like
shopping for brands, taste testing, knife safety
and use, food safety, prep, cooking, being ready .
at one time, staying clean and doing the dishes.

All our cubs perform skits in front of all.
This teaches public speaking and confidence.
This leads to future leaders.

Everyone enjoys some campfire songs. With CA
fire danger we elected not to have a fire.
We had strong wind and cold temps and hot
chocolate and warm peach cobblers were hits.
We always find time to teach outdoor skills.
BSA helps make us safe, skilled, and
environmentally friendly in the great outdoors.

Our 5th grade Webelos Twos are cooking French
Toast. It hard to keep the large griddle full at all
times. We use warming ovens to keep the food
warm until all is ready for all 75 of us to eat.
Our 4th grade Webelos Ones
are cooking bacon. Even
our vegetarian cubs want
to take a turn.
On he way home we stop at the Visitor Center.
Here we learn they let water during the day
to make electricity and pump it back at night.
This picture is an impeller for one of the 14
combo generator/pumps.

WOW! PACK 566 is an official EARLY ADOPTER of FAMILY CUB SCOUTING (Boys and Girls welcome!!!)

Cub Scouts has always been a family affair. In pack 566 of old many sisters have participated in the program, less the formal awards. Siblings have their own racing division in the Cub Scout Derbies (Pinewood, Raingutter). BSA has taken another step forward in opening membership. We applaud this as the program is wonderful and can easily serve all youth. Although the initial design is for separate female dens we can easily see coed dens. Pack 566 is an official EARLY ADOPTER of FAMILY CUB SCOUTING and now accept all youth.

What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouts is part of Boy Scouts of America, one of the largest youth organizations in the United States.  
Cub Scouts now serves boys and girls from kindergarten through fifth grade* Pack 566 is an official FAMILY CUB PACK so both Boys and Girls are welcome to share the fun equally.
* Note that the Cub Scout grade level is such that you advance the day after school gets out (early June) to the next grade level.
On Oct 11th, 2017 BSA announced that girls will be invited to join the Scouting adventure starting with Cub Scouts and advancing through all the way to Eagle Scout*.
Older siblings can join Troop or Crew 566. the Scouting Troop program serving boys (girls in Feb 2019) aged 11 to 18. The Crew serves boys and girls aged 14 to 21. Unlike other youth activities lasting just a few months each year, participation in Scouting can be ongoing through adulthood providing experiences, friends, and fun.

LIONS - The  Kindergarten Program

Pack 566 was a charter member of the Lion Kindergarten program. Now after 5 years it is now mainstream Cub Scouts.. Pack 566 is proud to offer the Lion program to Saratoga / Cupertino/West San Jose and surrounding area families. Kindergarten is an exciting time for both youth and parents. Boys move from home centered activities into the public world. Mom and Dad meet many more families in the neighborhood and expand their participation in the community. LION and Cub Scouting can help with this transition providing a safe, consistent, and fun environment outside of school. Boys and parents participate together in the program. Unlike most other activities, participation in Scouting can continue through to adulthood. The LION program takes only a few hours each month and has very reasonable costs.  Click on the "More Lion Info" link under the Lion in the left margin for more information.

What do Cub Scouts Do?

Cub Scouts have fun with other kids! We play sports, build things like race cars, space rockets, tool boxes, and miniature catapults. We play games and have contests. We perform skits, sing songs, and tell jokes. We explore our community by taking field trips to local places. We perform service in our community. We go on overnight trips that the general public does not have access to do like staying overnight on a submarine or an air craft carrier. We have summer day camps and weekend camping trips. We have fun all year long for many years. Check out links in the left margin.

Where do our members live?

Our Pack is spread in the triangle formed by HW280, Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road (aka DeAnza) and Saratoga Ave and surrounding areas. 

Why parents should have their children join Pack 566!

It will be great fun and a positive experience. Den and Pack activities are something to look forward to providing a happy place outside of the pressures of school. Cub Scouts will give your children a head start in life. They will have a core group of local friends with whom they can participate in terrific activities in a safe and supervised environment. They will keep these friends for many years to come. Their social skills will improve and they will learn to be a team player as well as a team leader. Their exposure to foods, cultures, ideas, and more will widen. Respect will be given and received. Your children will be introduced to much more of life as the experience of the group usually exceeds that of an individual parent's knowledge, comfort base, or time commitment allows. Cub Scouts can serve as the "village" that will contribute to your children's growth.

Why Parents should be involved!

There are no paid positions in a Cub Scout Pack. We are all volunteers, mostly serving our own children at the same time. Parents benefit from the adult social experience as you meet many other local parents. Be young again as you work with children. Use your specific knowledge and life experience to teach children in an informal setting. Make the Pack and the community as a whole better with your involvement as others do the same for your children.

Use the menu on the left to learn more about Pack 566